School of Language – Dress Up Video

Recently I filmed and directed a video to accompany a School of Language song, one of David Brewis’ (Field Music) rather excellent other musical pursuits! And on 7th April 2014, it got released online:

Filmed entirely along our beautiful coastline from Sunderland to South Shields, the video shoot consists of around 5,000 still images shot over 5 or 6 chilly North Eastern winter evenings pulled together in the animated form you see above, although admittedly not all of those made the final cut.

The album itself, Old Fears, is absolutely fantastic, I’ll write more about that at a later date, but it was a real pleasure working alongside Mr Brewis – I feel honoured and very proud to have played a small part in what is a fantastic album. Go and buy it here, tell yer friends:

I can heartily recommend the BRIGHT PINK vinyl version of the album, too.

Andy Martin, April 2014.