Technical Information

In this day and age of digital photography & instant digital manipulation many people find it hard to believe that any image which is slightly different from the norm has been created without any alterations.

All of the photos you see on this site were taken using vintage camera equipment and shot on a wide variety of different film. They are then processed and digitised via a flatbed negative scanner. The only alterations are to remove dust and to adjust the levels so they resemble that of the original transparency. Everything you see was exactly as it was recorded onto film.


Personally I get more satisfaction from doing everything ‘in camera.’ I have no bad feelings toward digital photography but I find shooting film far more challenging, rewarding and with fewer limitations. Plus, I’d rather spend time taking photos than staring at a computer screen.


I shoot with a variety of different cameras and formats, depending on which suits the conditions/location – the majority of the images on this site were taken on 120 film, with a reasonable proportion with 5×4 & instant film. I occasionally shoot 35mm. B&W & C41 processing is done by myself, E6 film is sent to the excellent (especially Andy!) Digitalab in Byker.


Metering for exposures at night is usually impossible or at best highly unreliable so I use educated ‘guesswork’ to ensure the photos turn out well. Exposures can range from a few seconds up to a few hours.