Wass Camera Project Post #6 – Huge Plate Holder Arrives!

Another piece of the gigantic camera jigsaw (almost) in place now, a 12×15″ plate holder. Seen here on the left, with a whole plate and a 5×4 side by side for a sense of scale. It’s huge! Although not as big as I’d like, with the original being 15×15 it will suffice for now to at least be able to use the camera. Aiming to have one last look in the lockup where the camera lived to see if the holder is still there somewhere. Otherwise, it’s a case of making one from scratch the correct size.

It’s by no means mint, there is a chunk of the darkslide missing from the other side and a couple of cracks to fill but it’ll do the job nicely for now with a couple of repairs and adapting the back of the camera to hold it securely. The bellows are ready too, finally feel like it’s nearing completion. On target for using it in the new year…!

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