That was Sunderland

This is Sunderland Mk1 was launched, what seems like an age ago, way back in 2009. It followed on from the downright weird Interzone site (built with Macromedia Director) which was a home for a short burst of photos taken with a digital compact camera. This is Sunderland showcased all of my film photography starting way back in about 2003, when I started taking things a bit more seriously, and focusing mostly on night time imagery.


The original site was built from scratch by me in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and proved hugely popular – I’m still very proud of it to this day. Unfortunately, a website that had no easily up-datable Content Management System and relied solely on Flash for it’s image content wasn’t feasible with so an increasing number of people viewing on mobile devices and tablets, so after many months (years actually!) of procrastination, it was time to start again on a more modern platform in early 2013.


Currently, there’s not a whole lot of new content up yet beyond what was on the original site. But that is changing all the time, keep an eye out as there’ll be some exciting new additions in the coming weeks.


For posterity, here’s a gallery of screenshots displaying every page from the original site. Click on the thumbnails to view fullscreen.


Andy Martin, May 2013.

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