Digitalab Featured Photographer

So, a couple of months back I was asked to be a featured photographer on the Digitalab blog. As I regularly use Digitalab, based in Byker, for my E6 and C41 film processing (despite their name, they offer a 2 hour turnaround still!), and they’re a grand bunch of people, I naturally said yes. Choosing the picture was the hard bit, but in the end I went for this shot of a moonrise over Roker Lighthouse:

Andy Martin - Moonrise over Roker


I also answered a few questions too, you can read my ramblings here. I’d definitely recommend Digitalab (I often do to anyone who asks) for all your film processing needs. Andy, who does a lot of the film work, is an incredibly helpful and knowledgeable chap when it comes to obscure cameras and film. They also do prints, framing, mounting and anything else photographic. Check them out!