Roker Park Lights (Illuminations) 2013 – Timelapse Video

Roker Park Lights 2013

Shot a series of timelapse  scenes in Roker Park on the 3rd November 2013, the final night of the Roker Lights (Illuminations). It’s something I’d intended to do last year to include in the 1st TIS timelapse video but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. This year I was determined to capture the impressive scenes before it finished for another year!

This year had a strong Alice in Wonderland theme, the highlight for me being a final night floating tea party on the Roker Park pond. The event is organised by Sunderland Live, an organisation formerly part of Sunderland Council who are responsible for some the excellent major events you see happening in the city (and beyond) over the year. Also met the lovely Katy who came over to see what I was upto and very kindly helped arrange a couple of shots . 🙂

Hopefully the tap will be back next year… 😉