Darkroom Build Part 4!

Shamefully, it has been almost two years since I last updated the blog. Does anyone read it anyway? If yes, I apologise to those clamouring for an update. If not, then you’ll not know, or care, either way.

In Autumn 2010 the darkroom was completed. It has survived two winters, lots of snow, ice and rain without a single leak. It’s also been used for much chemical/silver nitrate based fun, processing many films in that time.

Anyway, I’ve been asked by a friend (yes, I have one) to put some pictures up of the build as it progressed until (near) completion. I will also put some recent photos up to show the darkroom in its current state.

Couple of shelves going up above the sink, red safelight and drying rack for negs on the right:

Got some floor tiles down in the wet area, along with additional storage spage and workbench:

And here’s the dry side near enough kitted out, excuse the mess:

And the wet side:

That’s all for now, I will get some up to date photos posted up in the very near future to see how it has evolved over the time it’s been in use.