Doxford Park Housing Estate

Doxy Park, Mill Hill….I’m not 100% sure which is correct, although it may be both – corrections in the comment box below please!


Built during the optimistic housing boom of the 1960s, these tiny flat roofed houses that rested betwixt Silksworth and Herrington had become a problem area by the time I became aware of their existence in the late 1990s. Passing them every day on the way to Shiney Row College I was always fascinated by the estate. Once I learned of the impending redevelopment it was time to revisit with the camera after a fleeting few photos in around 2006. An interesting place to be, especially in the dark, impending arson/stabbing always adds an edge to proceedings.


As of early 2015 the majority of the estate has been demolished by Gentoo, making way for new housing developments, although a small number of the buildings still remain standing. What struck me on my visits, that whilst the majority of the houses were boarded up, burnt out or mid demolition, there were still a small number of people still living in their home on the estate, clinging on for dear life. It must have been incredibly strange to live, often in the only occupied house on a street, when all around you is dereliction and vandalism. This selection of photos taken at the Doxford Park Housing Estate over a 3 year period from 2010-2013.

Andy Martin, January 2015.


  • Rob Clayton January 15, 2015   Reply

    Lovely work. What a shame as looks like it was probably very nice when first built.

  • barry withers August 5, 2016   Reply

    Yes it was nice there back in 1970 and 1980s people were lovely and a fantastic place to live then .shame .happly times.

  • colin November 5, 2016   Reply

    I was a 16 year old electrical apprentice in 1969 for the Sunderland PWD wiring those flat roofed houses, even then flat rooves had bad press. Still the new houses look ok. what happened to all the residents?

  • Kim November 15, 2016   Reply

    How long did you live there Barry? Everyone couldn’t wait for Doxford park to be bulldozed but I think it’s sort of sad now it’s gone.its like it never existed :(

  • Paul Cryan December 21, 2016   Reply

    I grew up there. Moved there from Town End Farm when I was 2 in 1969, one of the first to move in I think? It was a lovely estate and people from Farringdon thought you were posh if you came from there. All young kids growing up together on new estate meant massive games of football, cricket, Kick the tin or any number of street games. BUT THOSE HOUSES WERE COLD! Ice on the inside of your bedroom window because of NO HEATING upstairs, what were they thinking? Left in 1988 and was rough by then.Place really deteriorated after Hall Farm was built, all of a sudden a new nastier breed of people seemed to appear?? Evocative pictures, great work

    • NorthSands December 21, 2016   Reply

      Thanks Paul, great to hear your experiences growing up there. Would have loved to have experienced the estate in those times first hand. Cheers, Andy.

    • Kim December 21, 2016   Reply

      Thanks Paul!I would love to see pictures of when it was in its prime. There should definitely be somewhere everyone’s old pictures could be put together and viewed by people,would be lovely to look at!People always used to say how posh it was to live there when it was newly built and our generation (born 85) couldn’t believe it . Did you see hall farm getting built too?Thats where I grew up!You must of seen quite a lot of other estates being constructed back then.

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