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Wass Camera Project Post #4 – The Lens

Well. After many hours of sanding and repairs with not too much to show for the effort, I wanted to feel like I’d achieved something and made something shiny so decided to tackle the cleanup of the lens. It’s an Optimus 3B, adjusted by Perken, Son & Co Ltd of Hatton Garden, London. I measured [...]

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Wass Camera Project Post #3 - Rebuilding the Stand...

Wass Camera Project Post #3 – Rebuilding the Stand…

So, last post you may recall an impressive amount of woodworm damage in one of the legs of the stand which required a bit of attention… Let me say firstly that I’m not exactly blessed with quite as much skill, tools or nice dry workshops when it comes to woodworking but I think, given the [...]

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Wass Camera Project Post #2 - Stripping the Stand

Wass Camera Project Post #2 – Stripping the Stand

As mentioned in the previous post – there was a canny bit of woodworm evident at some point in the camera’s life. Chances are the beasties inside had long gone but with the camera being stored indoors once restored it’s not a chance I wanted to take. Fortunately, I work in a Museum. Equally fortunately, [...]

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Wass Camera Project Post #1 - Background & First Photos

Wass Camera Project Post #1 – Background & First Photos

A slight precursor to this post for those outside of the North East of England regarding the word WASS.  Wass is a NE (or maybe Sunderland only) word which means massive, or huge, eg: ‘just seen a geet wass spider under me bed, like.’ And also a nod to the legendary ‘WASS HAIR’ unisex salon [...]

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Darkroom Build Part 4!

Shamefully, it has been almost two years since I last updated the blog. Does anyone read it anyway? If yes, I apologise to those clamouring for an update. If not, then you’ll not know, or care, either way. In Autumn 2010 the darkroom was completed. It has survived two winters, lots of snow, ice and [...]

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Darkroom Build Part 3!!

Good lord, it’s been nearly two months since I was last arsed enough to update the darkroom build blog – shoddy effort. Anyway, lots of progress made, I shall let the many pictures speak for themselves. Lets start with the floor. Damp proof membrane, concrete down and sealed with PVA/Water mix, along with the brick [...]

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Darkroom Build Part 2…

Oops, lack of progress on the blog front. But lots of progress on the darkroom front, to the point that it is nearly ready to start dumping all the photo shit in. But lets see what’s been happening: in the meantime. Created a roof with attic flooring panels, some reinforcing bars and a good bit [...]

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Darkroom Build Part 1…

I’ve always wanted my own darkroom. Actually…I’ve always NEEDED my own darkroom. Last time I had access to one was back in college, and that was full of idiots opening the windows (daylight, argh!) or putting unwashed fix covered prints through the print dryer. Still I loved it and used to spend most of my [...]

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Middlesbrough = Industry

Middlesbrough = Industry, originally uploaded by Andy Μartin. I love the place, it has a bad reputation but I think the town centre is impressive in parts. And of course the surrounding industry is even better.

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Lost Coastline

Lost Coastline, originally uploaded by Andy Μartin. Ah well, a break from Flickr is always a good thing. I’ve been working hard and taking lots of photos in the 6 weeks ‘away’ – this is one of them. Taken at dusk, the setting sun reflecting off the clouds was quite a beautiful sight. Only emphasised [...]

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