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David Brewis Dress Up Video Directed By Andy Martin - This is Sunderland

School of Language – Dress Up Video

Recently I filmed and directed a video to accompany a School of Language song, one of David Brewis’ (Field Music) rather excellent other musical pursuits! And on 7th April 2014, it got released online: Filmed entirely along our beautiful coastline from Sunderland to South Shields, the video shoot consists of around 5,000 still images shot [...]

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Andy Martin - Moonrise over Roker

Digitalab Featured Photographer

So, a couple of months back I was asked to be a featured photographer on the Digitalab blog. As I regularly use Digitalab, based in Byker, for my E6 and C41 film processing (despite their name, they offer a 2 hour turnaround still!), and they’re a grand bunch of people, I naturally said yes. Choosing [...]

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Ilford Factory Tour – Where Black and White Film is Made!!

I spotted a posting from Ilford Photo (Harman Technology) online a few months back offering a day’s tour of their photographic film and paper factory based in Mobberley, Cheshire. Being a complete film obsessive, as well as a love of industry in general this was too good an opportunity to miss. Emails were exchanged, accommodation [...]

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Lumiere Durham 2013 – in 4 minutes!

I headed to Durham to shoot some scenes of the fantastic Lumiere festival that took over the City in November. The resulting video was captured on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th.   It’s also not an entire record of Lumiere, there were bits that I didn’t make it to for a number of reason unfortunately. [...]

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Roker Park Lights (Illuminations) 2013 – Timelapse Video

Shot a series of timelapse scenes in Roker Park on the 3rd November 2013, the final night of the Roker Lights (Illuminations). It’s something I’d intended to do last year to include in the 1st TIS timelapse video but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. This year I was determined to capture the impressive scenes before it finished for another year!

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Chemical World: Wetplate Collodion Photography

*UPDATE* Visit the Silver Sunbeam – – to see all of Andy Martin’s wetplate portrait and landscape work. *UPDATE* Not a lot of people know this. But for the past 3 years or so, I’ve been realising a long time dream and experimenting with some slightly obscure chemicals in the name of exploring the [...]

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Wass Camera Rebuild Post #8 – The Bellows

The bellows were always going to be an interesting part of this reconstruction, namely due to the fact that they were so big, and so badly damaged – finding something from another camera wasn’t really an option. Likewise repairing the originals, something I had originally considered but decided against after seeing just how badly they [...]

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Wass Camera Rebuild post #7 – Rebuilding the Camera

This was always going the biggest job of the reconstruction, and without a doubt the most significant. Fortunately the fine brazil Mahogany was a little too tough for the woodworm to chew through and no significant repairs were needed, as had been the case with the stand. To recap, the camera had been stripped down, [...]

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Wass Camera Project Post #6 – Huge Plate Holder Arrives!

Another piece of the gigantic camera jigsaw (almost) in place now, a 12×15″ plate holder. Seen here on the left, with a whole plate and a 5×4 side by side for a sense of scale. It’s huge! Although not as big as I’d like, with the original being 15×15 it will suffice for now to [...]

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Wass Camera Project Post #5 – Stripping the Camera

With the stand repaired and repainted, with only a few minor finishing touches remaining, attentions turned to the camera itself. I initially felt this was probably going to be the most complex part of the reconstruction but actually, once I’d begun stripping things down it didn’t seem too bad. I’d barely seen the camera as [...]

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